The Nintendo Switch actually has an activity log


Like many products, the Nintendo Switch launched without some common features gamers have come to expect, and one of the most notable is the apparent lack of an activity log; the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS tracked the time users spent playing games. But it turns out the Switch Is it that include an activity log – it only takes a few days to appear.

Players began to realize this yesterday, spurred on by a screenshot tweeted by GameXplain’s Andre Segers. Several Polygon staff members have checked their own Switch units, and we can confirm the delayed presence of an activity log.

Switch’s user profile page shows your friend code, and if you’ve been using your console for a few days – it’s unclear exactly how long the waiting period will last – it will show a list of games you’ve played. The page does not provide specific numbers on play sessions; instead, it gives you ballpark numbers like “played for 45 hours or more”. If you started a game for the first time, this tells you how long you have been doing it. Here’s an example from our guide editor, Dave Tach:

Nintendo via Polygon

In addition to tracking your own gaming activity, you can view your friends’ activity logs. Just head to the Switch friends list and click on your friends’ profiles to see what they’ve been up to. Here’s how Dave’s activity log appeared to Chris Grant, our editor, when Chris scrolled down his friends list to Dave’s profile:

Nintendo Switch Activity Log for Dave Tach (via Chris Grant's Friends List)

Wow, Chris, how have you not yet defined Dave as one of your “best friends”?
Nintendo via Polygon

It’s weird that the Switch’s activity log doesn’t show up right away, especially since people have criticized the Switch for not having a feature that it actually offers. In fact, Switch users have used other options to get an idea of ​​their gaming habits, such as the Activity Log in the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls mobile app. However, this log isn’t as granular as the Switch’s built-in activity tracker; it only tells you the total time you spent playing the system on a particular day and the games you played.

We’ve reached out to Nintendo for more details on the Switch’s Activity Log and will update this article with any information we receive. For more information on the Switch, which launched five days ago, you can read our full review.

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