WFCM 1.6: full integration with WP Activity Log


Today we are announcing two releases; Website File Change Monitor 1.6 and WP Activity Log 4.1.2. They are published together because we have integrated the plugins. Let’s dive straight in and see what this integration is all about and what the benefits are for users of both plugins.

Superior file integrity monitoring scans and better activity logs

This integration between these two plugins means a superior WordPress and UX file integrity monitoring solution. We combine the comprehensive activity log of WP Activity Log and the advanced file integrity monitoring technology of the Website File Changes Monitor plugin.

From now on, WP Activity Log users can see when a file changes on their website in the WordPress Activity Log. With just one click, users can see detailed information about all file changes that occur during a plugin upgrade, when a theme is removed, or when WordPress core is updated.

Why did we integrate the plugins?

We built our first file integrity monitor in WP Activity Log. We have integrated the analytics engine into the activity log plugin so website file changes can be reported in the WordPress activity log. However, this solution had some shortcomings, such as:

  1. When a large number of file changes were detected, it was difficult to track them all in the activity log,
  2. We were limited to reporting only file changes in the activity log,
  3. The WP Activity Log plugin was getting too big, with several “non activity logs” modules,
  4. The activity log plugin settings were getting too many and complex.

We were also deviating from our goal of developing specialized, single-scope plugins. We don’t want to create another WordPress security and management plugin that does a bit of everything.

We want to develop two different specialized plugins; a specialized activity logs plugin and a specialized file integrity monitoring plugin for WordPress.

If you are already using WP Activity Log…

If you are a WP Activity Log user, when upgrading to 4.1.2, access the Enable / Disable events section and click File changes. From here, you can automatically download the latest version of the Website File Changes Monitor plugin. Then follow the plugin wizard to schedule automated scans for file changes. When file changes are detected, you will be notified in the WordPress activity log.

Installing the Website File Changes Monitor plugin via WP Activity Log

Upgrade your installation of Website File Changes Monitor

Website File Changes Monitor will still work as a standalone file integrity monitoring plugin for WordPress. So you just need to update the plugin. However, we recommend that you also install the WP Activity Log plugin to keep a log of changes happening on your WordPress site.

Install both plugins to improve your WordPress site and security and user management

Do you need both plugins? Absolutely. There is no single WordPress security solution. You need to use a number of plugins to cover all aspects of the iterative WordPress security process. Start today!

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