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Ireland Sargent | Staff reporter

SAINT MARK — The San Marcos Activity Center will reopen from late April to early May after sustaining flood damage. The activity center closed after a 3 inch poly pipe disconnected from its coupler in October 2021.

The incident caused several inches of water to cover the floor inside the facility and created months of renovations and various challenges.

Christie Murillo, administrative coordinator for San Marcos Parks and Recreation, said staff arrived at the scene shortly after detecting water coming from the building around 3 a.m.

Murillo said on the the city’s Facebook page that the building was flooded and knew it would take time to repair the damage.

“Well obviously everything was saturated,” Murillo said. “We won’t be hosting any events here at the Activity Center any time soon.”

While the facility’s renovations were quite taxing, the city had to sort out the previous memberships, events, and classes that were to take place.

“In addition to, you know, youth programming and senior programming, there’s one or more meetings every day,” Murillo said. “Staff are working to find other recreation options and meeting spaces for the community.”

Activity Center staff recommended taking advantage of the City’s sidewalks, trails and natural areas during repairs.

The activity center replaced many parts of the facility after flooding caused many problems. As of Wednesday, March 30, the walls of the racquetball court have been installed, the floor of the weight room, the repair of the broken pipe and several other finishing touches.

In addition to the completed pieces, there are other ongoing and unfinished projects. These projects include repairing the floors of the racquetball courts, marking lines on the gymnasium floor and a clear coat finish on all wood floors.

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