Activity center should get rid of the dress code – The Hawkeye


Recently, the ULM Activity Center implemented a dress code that only applies to women. This dress code states that women can no longer wear crop tops or sports bras due to an incident in which a woman was filmed and photographed while working out, according to KNOE.

Instead of telling the instigator to stop taking photos, the building simply established a dress code for all women, even if the woman was a victim in this situation.

The dress code is not an appropriate measure to protect women who want to train comfortably. SGA is currently trying to activate the men’s dress code as well, consisting of no supercut tank tops, but this is still unclear at the activity centre.

Although SGA is a step in the right direction for a bad decision, two wrongs do not add up to make a right.

This dress code was a drastic decision to “fix” a problem when another solution could be applied. According to The Exponent, other schools like Baldwin Wallace University are struggling with similar dress code issues, and students have called for the dress code to be lifted. The same should happen here.

Instead of implementing a dress code that restricts future wives from wearing their choice of clothing, the activity center could have told people taking photos and videos to stop recording.

They could also have told the stalker to delete said photos and recordings from their devices or to ban recording altogether in training areas.

Instead of applying these alternative solutions, the activity center took the easy way out by imposing a general dress code on victims and potential victims.

The instigators of the problem are not those who receive new restrictions or rules, but rather the victims who receive restrictions on what they can and cannot wear for training.

The activity center’s new dress code does not help women who want to work out peacefully and comfortably. The dress code applying only to women is a nonsense and unequal decision.

After all, why should women cover their navels if men can expose their nipples?

If the activity center is to maintain the dress code for women, it should also establish one for men. Men created the problem in the first place, so if there’s a dress code for one, then there’s a dress code for all.


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