Activity center tightens security to deal with increased fighting – The Oxford Eagle


An increase in physical altercations around activity centers in Oxford has prompted officials to step up security around the property during after-school hours Monday through Friday through the end of the school year.

The Oxford Board of Aldermen has approved the Oxford Park Commission’s request to reimburse the Oxford Police Service for additional patrols of activity centers from 4-6 p.m. each weekday until at the end of the school year. The OPC is studying the possibility of placing school resource officers at the school.

According to OPC executive director Seth Gaines, officials and employees are seeing fights outside buildings every other day, which is more than normal.

“I’ve suspended more people in the last two months than I’ve probably suspended in the last three years,” Gaines said. He then reported to the aldermen that a problem that arose last week required him to call the police and involve the authorities.

“It was bad enough for that,” Gaines said.

The general manager said that students start these fights once they come straight out of school. Assistance is needed for these altercations because the centers are experiencing a shortage of staff.


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