Closure of the Redmond Parks And Rec activity center; district will propose a link for a new building


In the meantime, a space hunt for certain inappropriate activities

(Update: added video, comments from RAPRD)

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) — The Redmond Area Parks and Recreation District The activity center will officially close on December 31 due to planned construction to connect Odem Medo Road to Salmon Avenue.

Park District Executive Director Katie Hammer said, “When we leased this building 10 years ago, we knew it was on a non-renewable lease and the city was planning to upgrade some roads.

While they knew this move was coming, Hammer said, that doesn’t make it any easier.

“People are disappointed,” she said. “I mean, people really like coming to this establishment. It’s a really relaxed environment.

She said group fitness, youth classes, and art and cooking classes have already moved to the Senior Center or other locations in Redmond.

“The majority of this activity is being moved to other locations,” Hammer said.

Hammer said they were having trouble finding a replacement for the weight room, basketball court and racquetball court.

Because there is no room for these three areas, RAPRD will offer a deposit next November, to help build a brand new activity center that would contain all the previous programs, halls and courts, and would also include a new aquatic center.

“Our goal would be to bring all of this into one building,” Hammer said.

There will be more opportunities for community input starting in January, but the proposed design and final cost won’t be available until April.

“If this obligation passes, it will be a few more years before construction is complete,” Hammer said.

Hammer knows these changes aren’t for everyone, but she has a message for anyone disappointed by the news.

“First of all, I would thank them for their support,” she said. “For the past 10 years in this building, it has been great to have the space here, and we appreciate being able to serve our community in this capacity. And please be patient with us, as we try to find space, so that we can continue to provide these services to them.”


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