Donations are essential to the mission of the Hamilton Street Activity Center


Children’s organizations have a common goal in mind: to be a beacon of hope.

The Hamilton Street Activity Center held its annual Christmas party on Monday. About 70 children were present, who were treated to story time, songs, pizzas, desserts, and then, as the numbers were drawn, each received a turn by selecting one of the many toys, dolls and sporting goods.

“It’s great,” said Rayah Kirby, an Activity Center supporter. “There are a lot of very happy kids here today.”

Kirby was in the center dropping off a $500 donation from Kirby Real Estate.

“These donations mean the world to us,” said Hamilton Street manager Lisa Harvey, who operates the facility with a team of volunteers. “We are not asking for grants from the McMinnville government or the Warren County government. We don’t want to be an extra burden for them. If the good Lord obliges someone to make a donation, we will graciously accept it. It helps keep the lights on and the doors open. Luckily, this community is full of kind-hearted people.

Hamilton Street Activity Center is one of three McMinnville Housing Authority Activity Centers. These are located in housing complexes on Hamilton Street, Cope Street and South Mill Street in Morrison. The Hamilton Street complex is the largest with approximately 70 children involved.

“We serve all children in and around Housing Authority,” Harvey said. “If they are within walking distance and can get here, they are welcome here. We would never refuse a child.

In addition to acceptance, love and encouragement, the center offers homework help, afternoon snacks, supervised activities and organized games for school-aged children. From homework supplies to afternoon snacks, the program is funded by donations from the community. Children are also entitled to holiday entertainment throughout the year, such as the Christmas party.

At Kirby Real Estate, a portion of each real estate agent’s commission is paid into a fund.

“Overall, we’re all coming together to make these donations possible,” Kirby said. “We take a percentage of our commissions throughout the year and use it at the end of the year to make these donations. We choose several non-profit organizations and make contributions. »

Donations have also been made to Homeless of McMinnville Effort, Meals on Wheels, Children’s Advocacy Center, Warren County Senior Center, Share a Christmas Dinner, Magness Library and Kids of the Community, among others.

To provide assistance or volunteer, the Hamilton Street Activity Center is located at 115 Hamilton Street.


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