Knitted Connections: Weaving Love and Understanding at the Seniors Activity Center


A little old woman sitting in her rocking chair, knitting while a furry cat sleeps at her feet, this is the stereotypical image that we evoke when we think of seniors.

While this doesn’t represent all seniors, ask any senior services professional, and they’ll tell you that seniors love to knit! The Southlake Senior Activity Center launched its Knitting Connection program five years ago as an opportunity for senior members to socialize and express their creativity with their peers. Since then, this program has evolved from a club to a true connection that is as tightly woven into the fabric of our community of seniors as the thread around their needles.

Knitting clubs are a staple of many area senior centers, but at Southlake we have experienced a beautiful bonding phenomenon that goes beyond the social and creative aspects of the club. Southlake Senior Activity Center’s Knitting Connection is a fantastic program for members aged 55+ to get together, knit and have fun. Every Friday, Knitting Connection meets in the Senior Center lounge to work on current projects, share instructions, tips and camaraderie. Often, members bring in projects that require outside help and overcome these obstacles with the help of their friends.

Our goal at Southlake Senior Activity Center has always been for seniors to connect with each other. However, once philanthropy and social responsibility became part of the curriculum, he elevated his mission to something greater. When members complete projects, Knitting Connection compiles them into easily portable bags and boxes and donates them to a nonprofit in need, from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to Warm Up America and the Craft Yarn Council. . Donating their finished projects gives this group a bigger purpose, a chance to feel useful, and an opportunity to give back to the community.

When the program started five years ago, it had four regular members. These members wove the initial threads and turned this program into a crowd favorite at the Senior Center. Participation in Knitting Connection has since tripled and currently has 10-12 participants of all backgrounds and ethnicities! This is due to the kindness and creativity of our elders. Southlake Senior Center members come from all over the diverse DFW metroplex, and many of them don’t speak the same language. When they join Knitting Connection, they are welcomed into the group and welcomed with compassion, regardless of their differences. This club demonstrates that creativity, the willingness to learn and teach, and the reward of giving back know no boundaries. Truly living up to their name, Knitting Connection constantly untangles the barriers of culture and language and weaves together a community bound by their shared humanity.

Seniors undeniably love to knit. Our members show us every year that despite differences in background, age, ethnicity, or language, seniors value socializing, teaching, learning new skills, and most importantly, connecting. The Southlake Senior Activity Center Knitting Connection isn’t just a bunch of little old ladies knitting in their rocking chairs. It’s a brotherhood of experienced shakers and movers who have the wisdom to know that the greatest impacts happen by standing still, gradually and steadily moving closer to a better world.


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