More Grants for Lewes Senior Activity Center | Delaware News


LEWES, Del.- The next phase of the Lewes Senior Activity Center renovation now has an additional $84,000 to make it happen.

On Tuesday, Sen. Ernie Lopez and Delaware House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf presented the second credit of a $164,000 bond. Local leaders say Lewes has one of the fastest growing senior populations in Delaware, so investing in the community makes sense.

“It’s a place where they all know they’re welcome,” Schwartzkopf says of the elderly. “They’re comfortable here. They make friends here, it’s their social centre. It’s what they’ve worked for all their lives and we should be able to provide it for them.”

The Lewes Seniors Activity Center will use the money to align the entire building with the new section, which offers a state-of-the-art gym, updated kitchen and living room. The center also plans trips, offers tax assistance and transportation.

“We plan to use this 84,000 to upgrade our main hall which was built in the 1990s,” said board chairman Andy Zampini. “So we’re going to update that and bring it up to the same level that we have in our new facility here.”

Members like Janet and Kenneth Moore say do it.

“We play the card games, all the travels they have, local and far away, and really enjoy it,” they told WRDE.

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