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Coral Springs Medical and Dental has opened a new senior activity center offering a variety of courses within its facility which offers primary care, family medicine, geriatrics, behavioral health, podiatry and dental care .

Chief Operating Officer Randy Kirshbaum is not only passionate about the center’s traditional medical services, but said he likes that they can offer a wide range of free additional activities to their customers. .

“Our center is 10,000 square feet. We wanted space for our medical and dental aspects of the center, but we also wanted to accommodate an activity center for seniors,” he said. “We created this installation in partnership with CarePlus and humane.”

Kirshbaum said in creating the center the idea was to provide as many services as possible.

“We wanted to help older people not only with their physical well-being, but also with their mental well-being,” he said.

Dr. James Cassidy is the center’s operations director. The courses are suitable for people aged 65 and over and there are no limits to the creativity of their offerings, he said.

Cassidy discovered a passion for the administration of centers for the elderly. The first he founded was five years ago in Delray Beach. He started with two programs and eight people, then three years later he had 18 programs and saw 1,200 seniors a month.

At Coral Springs CenterClasses are free for anyone over 65.

Bringing a sense of innovation and creativity has led Cassidy to develop a creative and holistic approach to classes so they can have the maximum impact on seniors.

“We tailor our programs according to the six dimensions of well-being, which are physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional and professional,” he said. “We have three exercise classes, including tai chi chair yoga.”

“My role is to put in place so many programs to help seniors cope mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically with aging and chronic disease.”

Spiritual well-being is a dimension that many seniors struggle with, especially after being hit by the loss of their spouse after age 50 and their children not having much time for them, Cassidy said.

“With Spiritual Wellness, we’re going to explore all types of spirituality,” he said. “We have an African drumming session coming up. Once seniors start getting involved in the programs, they really start to learn about wellness. It can instantly change the lives of some seniors.

Cassidy said he also wants older patients to realize that there are also more academic programs they can take.

“While we have a holistic approach, we also have many evidence-based programs here, like diabetes self-management and powerful tools for caregivers,” he said. “These are all programs that are designed by Stanford School of Medicine. We also have free screening programs including vision, hearing and memory screenings. »

The wellness approach that Cassidy favors is offered to the elderly, knowing that there are intangible factors that lead to illness.

“Older people struggle with changes in their bodies and deal with their own mortality,” he said. “So emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, we want to help them, because they don’t have the equipment to deal with these devastating challenges.”

Cassidy also presented a series on brain fitness.

“We have a neuropsychology student who will teach older people about a specific part of the brain,” he said. “Seniors then play specific brain games to challenge that part of their brain to improve it.”

The other part of brain fitness has to do with the food that older people also eat, Cassidy said. “We have also added a nutritionist who will come and give talks on healthy eating for the brain, including discussing the best foods to maintain cognitive health and memory. We will also be serving brain-healthy smoothies in this course. »

Cassidy said they plan to continue to introduce new programs and services for Coral Springs residents.

Coral Springs Medical and Dental is located at 2029 N. University Drive. To visit


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