NMSU hub resumes operations under “yellow” county status


The State of New Mexico University James B. Delamater Activity Center is available for indoor use and the aquatic center ohoutside pOh for Iap swim by COVID g stateguidelines after months of closure.

According to the New Mexico DMinistry of Health Dashboard report, Doña Ana County is currently at the “yellow level” with a COVID test positivity rate of 4.06%. New Mexico Counties in the yellow are allowed to operate gymnasiums at 33% capacity in indoor and outdoor spaces according to the NMDOH ReD with green frame.

The NMDOH releases an updated report on how counties are handling the spread of COVID-19 every two weeks. Since March 10, Doña Ana County retained a yellow status after months in the “red”.

The Associate Director of Campus Health and Wellness, Danish Montoya, oversees the recreation department, including all programs offered at the Aquatic Center and Activity Center.

When activities were closed in March 2020 in response to the pandemic, Montoya said he was concerned about students employed by activity and aquatic centers and the student populations using these facilities.

“Wthen we are at 100% and everything is fine Good, we employ nearly 200 students at a time. So, you know, my first concern was that there are a lot of students who don’t have jobs right now.“, said Montoya. “AAnother concern of mine was the mental health of our student population, you know, exercise is such a positive thing for your mental health that you know without it, those are my two main concerns.

All Aquatic Center and Activity Center facilities now require one o’clock reservations must be made on the IMLeagues website or app prior to their session. The IMLeagues app says that sstudents will present their The NMSU ID at the check-in counter and their temperature will be taken. Students with a body temperature above 104 degrees will be turned away.

According to Activity Center COVID-19 Protocol Websiteguests will be required to wear a face mask/face covering at all times while in the facility and six foot social distancing will be enforced. Installation specific COVID-19[female[feminineprotocols can also on the activity center website.

“One of the first things we did to make sure the Activity Center was safe for students, we made a big effort to separate the building, hours of operation between us and the Kinesiology Department. OWe share the building with the Department of Kinesiologysoh we didn’t want activities going on while there were academics going“, said Montoya.

There is a 30 minutes separation between allreservation time slots that allow full cleaning gym equipment, Montoya explained.

Bethany Chacon, a freshman at NMSU, was disappointed when use of the indoor gym for the activity center was closed earlier in the semester while Doña Ana County was under ‘red’ status. “.

“Tit’s what I use to get out and relieve stress. In times of COVID, the gym is a pleasant setting to release stress and sweat. cheesy yes but meanwhile its a great outing and offers different landscapes“, said Chacon.

Chacon was excited to return to the gym when the indoor activities were allowed, she said.

I could continue my exercise routine in areas where I want to grow and feel more productive“, said Chacon.

March 23, NMSU Recreation organized an outdoor Spring Break activity day available for all students to attend and socialize.

Montoya discussed the activities available to students that day.

“WWe put what we call backyard games, and those games were Disc GolfKa jam, Peak Beverything and gflushs Vvolleyball and this the event was a success, so much so that we plan to do more“, said Montoya.

Students can be on the lookout for more of these events on the NMSU Recreational Sports Social Media, Montoya said.


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