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college view academy, an online charter school, wants to turn a former College Drive nightclub into a student activity center.

The school wants to rezone a building at 4715 Bennington Ave. from commercial to light commercial alcoholic beverages. The building housed the Triple A Bar and comedy club Funny Bone until University View purchased it in 2016. The school paid $825,000 for the 10,800 square foot building, which was used for the storage.

Online charter school pays $825,000 for former Funny Bone site on Bennington Ave.

University View superintendent Michelle Clayton said the plan is to transform the building into a place where students can interact with each other face-to-face. “One of the things kids have been saying over the past year is that they want opportunities to socially interact with each other,” she said. Nearly 3,500 children attend the K-12 school, which is open to all children in Louisiana.

One of the main purposes of the building will be to set up electronic games. “We’re hoping to put together our first e-gaming team,” Clayton said. Students will also be able to go online and watch their classmates compete in video game competitions.

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In addition to online games, the building will host other student activities such as music groups, art exhibitions and a television studio. Some activities for parents will also be organized in the building.

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Approximately 270 people work full-time at University View. The activity center will result in the hiring of a few new employees, Clayton said, such as someone to check in students and engage with parents.

It will cost around $1 million to convert the building into an activity center, adding classrooms, meeting rooms and tutoring areas and replacing the roof. The goal is to have the facility open by February, Clayton said.

The East Baton Rouge Planning Commission is due to vote on the rezoning on July 19.


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