Updated Cost Estimate for Revised Wildcat Activity Center | News


An updated cost estimate for a Wildcat Activity Center project on the Napoleon Junior/Senior High School campus has been reviewed by the school board.

As proposed, the approximately 82,000 square foot, two-story facility would connect to the entire west side of the Junior/Senior High School, which is the rear of the building, and would extend toward the student parking lot. . Plans for the potential mixed-use facility have been in the works for some time, with the council having previously approved a contract with Garmann Miller and Associates to hold visioning meetings held last year and prepare plans for the mixed-use building propose. In an update last April, a ballpark figure based on market numbers at the time and the square footage of the designs was between $20 million and $24 million.

On Wednesday, Garmann Miller’s Matt Hibner said, based on what they’re currently seeing in the market, the project’s estimate range is now between $19.6 million and $21.6 million.

“As you know, the market is extremely volatile right now,” Hibner said. “It’s been a turbulent year, frankly, a lot of market and hardware issues, even labor issues, that have come up because of the COVID variant.

“We think that’s a good conservative projection,” he added. “Certainly we can look to reduce the scope or add more, we’re at a point where it’s all on paper.”

Hibner said the estimated range includes materials, labor and funds for finance costs, as well as engineering, architecture, state plan fees and hazard insurance. of construction. A construction contingency for unforeseen costs of approximately 5% of the total project cost is also included in the estimate.

“We wanted … a more holistic image,” Hibner said. “We didn’t just want to tell you what the construction costs would be. We kind of give you an all-inclusive, all-inclusive, all-furnished price that you can evaluate and decide if you want to go ahead.

Hibner added that it also includes furniture and equipment allocations based on the current goals proposed for the building.

“These are allocations, so … depending on how far you want to go, where you want it to go, we may save some of these items,” he said.

The cost does not include anything regarding the actual operating costs of the building.

The next stage of the project is to consider how the district would fund the project, as well as whether any changes need to be made to the scope of the building.

“The next step would really be to assess the financial aspect of how you’re going to be able to fund a project of this magnitude,” Hibner said. “There are different options for this depending on what you have in your current funds, there are also alternative funding strategies, there are also bond and levy campaigns or levy campaigns that you can run.”

Superintendent Dr. Erik Belcher said the district has yet to identify what those revenue sources are and expects those discussions to take place during the remainder of this school year.

If the project goes ahead, Hibner said design work would take around 10-12 months, followed by construction of 12-18 months, so it would likely take between two and three years before the building is finished. from the moment a decision is made. .

As proposed, a new main entrance would be created with an atrium and which would connect to the existing hallway of the school hall. Proposed plans include a 34,000 square foot multipurpose gymnasium that includes three full-length basketball courts that could also be used for other sports like volleyball and is surrounded by a three-lane track and a multipurpose gymnasium which includes a turf area which could be used for batting cages and golf mats and practices such as football. Space could also be allocated for areas such as a high jump pit and a pole vault pit.

Proposed plans would also include an innovation lab that could also be used as a community hall, a virtual reality lab, and a professional farming area that would include two classrooms and labs. The building would also include a weight and weight room, an athletic training room, locker rooms, coaches locker rooms, storage areas, conference rooms for the sports team and coaches, restrooms and a dry land wrestling/training room. An area is designated for a ticket office and a concessions area, and the second floor would include bleachers for around 400 to 500 people for the natatorium and restrooms, with stairs and an elevator to access them. Space would also be available for an outdoor learning area.


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